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  1. ghost in the shell
  2. games
  3. Post your XMB here
  4. THIS IS NOT A HELP SECTION. No asking for help here!!!
  5. Final Fantasy Tactics VS Final Fantasy 7
  6. What game would you like to see ported onto the PSP?
  7. Talkman
  8. What's on Your Memory Stick?
  9. List of GBA ROMS that WORK & DON'T WORK on gpSP! (Add to this GAMES LIST)
  10. IMPORTANT: ALL Users In This Section Read This Post Or Be Punished!!!!!!
  11. Tell your bricked PSP story.
  12. Cso Files!!!
  13. ~Post pics of your PSP!~ ~Custom PSP PAINT JOB!~ ~Decals!~ (Whatever)
  14. Tell Your Story On How You Got Your Psp =)
  15. Getting Visual Novels Onto the PSP
  16. Need some suggestions on LEDS..
  17. Look at my Photofast CR5400 Dual slot card!!! With screen Shots Updated!!
  18. How many games(iso/cso's do you have??
  19. Best Syphon Filter?
  20. PSP can NOT play PS2, DS, Gamecube, Sega Dreamcast, PC games [so don't ask!]
  21. Nik's List of PSP Online Games [Infrastructure] [Aiming for a Sticky :D]
  22. PSX save file to PSP?
  23. how to fix corrupted data!!!(credits to hoowahman)
  24. Have you ever Damaged anything in your PSP
  25. Games That Never Leave Your Memory Stick
  26. Downloading files from PSPKVM/Opera Mini
  27. can any1 help me with this?
  28. whats the craziest psp youve ever seen?
  29. What game would you want to be made for the PSP?
  30. Do Not Chat About PSP Games Here
  31. GameOnline - Homebrew Network Gaming Service
  32. Weird Yu-Gi-Oh Tag Force 4 Glitch? Anyone Eperiencing this?
  33. How Many Game's you have download at PSPISO
  34. problems of genc ....
  35. Just how heavily is pirating effecting PSP sales ?
  36. Invizimals Problem..
  37. Whats on your memory stick??
  38. Predicament: All Opinions are Welcome
  39. CWCheat Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness [Request]
  40. PSP/ Other Memory Sticks On Sale
  41. Blazble Portable
  42. anyone think there will be a english patch of .hack//link?
  43. about PSP 3000
  44. Is this a good deal on my part?
  45. Most Anticipated PSP games for 2010
  46. Which PSP slims are hackable?
  47. PSP 3000 Firmware 6.20, Will it evet be hackable?
  48. Downgrading
  49. Do you know???
  50. Psp 3000 *5.03ofw* for sale + ebay
  51. About Connecting Computer With PSP
  52. Can the PSP display larger music thumnails?
  53. Can you Sell Custom Firmware Psp's on Ebay?
  54. psp 3k 6.01...hackable?
  55. What do you think ( for you ) is the best psp type/model?
  56. About Hacked PSN accounts...?
  57. if you can invent your own psp game...
  58. cheat list
  59. My idea for a PSP Phone
  60. yu-gi-oh tag force 4 problems?
  61. Which Of This Three Games Are You Waiting For?
  62. Tilt FX For the PSP On EBay
  63. PSP GO screen repair.
  64. I want to buy a Psp but 2k,3k,Go or wait for psp2????
  65. Coolest thing you do with your PSP
  66. Can Blazblue Portable work on Chickhen 5.03C
  67. does anyone have an update for a new firmware
  68. Square Enix supports PSP ?
  69. Is it me or Dante's Inferno full of glitches?
  70. Psp 3000??
  71. Question about 5.50 Gen D3
  72. Cool PSP Apps?
  73. HELP in finding english RPG game in psp.!
  74. Newbie's 4.01-4.05 to CFW 5.03 with HEN for PSP 2000
  75. Please suggest a RPG Game that..
  76. If I Bought A Memory stick...
  77. Can't connect to Computer
  78. what Applications are Compatible To FIrmwares.
  79. Gen
  80. problem playing online
  81. Which one is the best psnabler or psnkiller??
  82. When?
  83. How to spot a fake memory card
  85. Psp go's are ausome
  86. What are the best Homebrew games to download?
  87. PSP PHAT Charging Problem...
  88. what do you think? is this real?
  89. PSP Media Player??
  90. Help w/Creating Pandora Battery
  91. More than 1 psp
  92. How hard is it to...
  93. Is there an Application?
  94. how do you think resident evil portable will be like
  95. Xmb full theme help
  96. need to be updated been offline for four months
  97. Please read this and save your money!
  98. Best M33 CFW for PSP Phat?
  99. PSP3000 thinking on buying one??
  100. psp ff:dissidia character mods (right section i think)
  101. What is the fastest video converter for PSP
  102. Has anyone got the TiltFX yet?
  103. Regarding the Patapon 2 Exploit
  104. Buying a PSP
  105. new exploit idea
  106. Transfer Data Patapon
  107. Someone trying the half byte loader with psp 1000
  108. Psp - mod nation racers
  109. Is This A CFW Issue Or A Hardware Issue?
  110. How could the PSP be better?
  111. psp system with CF version 3.71 m33 is that still good or not?
  112. PSP 1001 battery
  113. Please help my psp slim 2000 is bricked fully.
  114. Difference of battery length of 1200mAH, 1800 & 2200 mAH..
  115. Can a PSP be charged through 2 ports at the same time?
  116. Signing up for PSN
  117. Its official I have over 100 ISO/CSOS in my psp
  118. Books
  119. question regarding psp3k
  120. Please help me!!
  121. Will PeaceWalker be the biggest game of the year ?
  122. Why I love my psp 3000 even if it's semi-hack.
  123. Hardmodded Battery
  124. Ok what are your says on psp's status?
  125. Phantasy Star Portable 2 US?
  126. PSP Fake Memory Card Issue
  127. Battery life worry! Need Help.
  128. guys help with my umd
  129. help downloading music
  130. Just came back to my PSP
  131. Question about 5.03Gen-C(full)
  132. need to ask about this purple screen
  133. PSP Go is it true?
  134. psp 1,ipod touch 0
  135. How hack psp go
  136. Who else feels this way ?
  137. Regarding firmware of PSP Slim
  138. Do I Need A New Battery?
  139. PSP, gettind old and dead?
  140. How much have you spent on PSP accessories?
  141. Should I Update?
  142. Eng Subs in Jap games
  143. updating psp ?
  144. A bigger memory stick?
  145. PSP Upgrade or Repair?
  146. Save Data Converter...
  147. psp 3000 6.10
  148. save game data corrupted!
  149. PSNenabler?
  150. Prince of persia
  151. Pandora question...urgent please respond
  152. Upgrading of firmware
  153. Help me out Please! PSN
  154. Classic dungeon how to.
  155. Can anyone tall me how to play mgs portable ops+ online
  156. Can you do this?
  157. Gameboots
  158. psn add-ons can cfw play them?
  159. About Metal Gear Acid 2
  160. What do people think about MH3 Portable not being continuation
  161. should I sell my psp GO?
  162. slim 2k glow in the dark silicon case
  163. who here is okay with their dead/stuck pixels??
  164. What could have been?
  165. psp accessories? cases.. etc.
  166. Vertical Lines on PSP screen
  167. 3000 series hackable yet? haven't been here in a while.
  168. Selling My PSP 2 GameStop Good Or Bad
  169. Can I play umds on a hacked psp?
  170. is there any available psp 1000-2000 models
  171. PSP CTF theme question...
  172. When is chcikhen r3 coming out.
  173. psp + external usb harddrive?
  174. Psp Go....Whats What?
  175. What do you want from the PSP2 ?
  176. my psp cannot connect to psn
  177. New psp. 3000 VS 2000
  178. how can i hack my 5.50 gen-D3
  179. psp games of 2010
  180. gran turismo cars?
  181. Psp 1001 help
  182. Guys!
  183. Hi Im new I would like to know how to upload Psp isos
  184. Is it possible to modify PSP 3004?
  185. Stickied PSP thread
  186. Haunted PSP!
  187. where could i find people selling modded psps?
  188. questions
  189. Modnation Racers Demo Updates List
  190. messed up psp!!
  191. Dont wanna get scammed soo...
  192. CFW - which one, M33, GEN C, GEN D.
  193. psp go semi hacked
  194. just a quick qu
  195. Need winRAR link to extract files .
  196. Any recomendations?
  197. Help!!!!!
  198. Can 5.50 GEN-D3 support custom ctf themes?
  199. MHFU Online ?
  200. someone want my birth by sleep? jeesus someone take it
  201. Final Fantasy Dissidia UMD Question
  202. PSP Slim Question
  203. Poll : How often do you pay for PSP software?
  204. Really? Sony? How long is it going to take?
  205. PSP finally died
  206. Hard mod and Soft Mod
  207. Why did Peacewalker get hacked so quickly ?
  208. Is it possible to RIP 3D models from PSP ISOs?
  209. Peace Walker freezing
  210. microSD card in pro duo adapter causing issues
  211. PSP Scene Pronnounced Dead - The PSP itself is alive
  212. psp as game controller?
  213. Selling my psp Slim
  214. PSP Memory card. Which is best?
  215. PSP3k 6.10
  216. GPS system?
  217. hi, question about mame emulator
  218. ta-086 Pressure Fault
  219. Goodbye psp slim
  220. Psp Speaker
  221. PSP 3000 series 5.51+ modable??
  222. need help about my memory stick
  223. Psp scene update
  224. what compression level does suny use on minis???
  225. Why isn't harvest moon hero of leaf valley released in us psn store
  226. Which do you prefer??
  227. 6.20 and 5.50 GEN D3?
  228. PSP Memory Stick Question
  229. cft theme
  230. MGS : PW Tankbox ??
  231. MGS peacewalker Staff Recruit List
  232. This projector sooo beats the magnifying screen I had
  233. PSN account
  234. Went Legit.... Yep you heard right.(Now testing Half Byte Loader)
  235. Psn to iso?!?
  236. Buying A Used 1000
  237. Final Fantasy VIII PSN to CF 5.50 GenA
  238. staying with 5.00 m33-6 or upgrading to 5.50 GEN firmwares?
  239. Where to get a psp 2000
  240. Memory card differences
  241. psp firmware question
  242. ++What all I need to know about Skype++
  243. in market for a new psp!
  244. psp home button is not working
  245. New psp.
  246. how to install new memory card for psp.
  247. psp 3000 cfw question
  248. U3R custom firmwares????????
  249. Need Instructions on how to download and play games from a memory stick
  250. God Eater