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  1. I Hate Racists
  2. Worst thing you ever done in your life.
  3. Read BEFORE posting here
  4. Damn I realized that I really am not good at anything.
  5. just found out that i have h.i.v.
  6. I am scared need confort
  7. I am fedup with my mother
  8. Cancer finally got the best of her.
  9. do you ever have thoose days when...
  10. have your parents lost there jobs?
  11. What A Lame Song For Eurovision...
  12. zmog heart attack
  13. My life is a mess
  14. Laptop battery dead!
  15. Oww!!! That Hurt!!!
  16. My new GF got beat up by her X BF!
  17. this girl is my dream!!
  18. The how to stop a bully thread!
  19. laptop bsod'd on me
  20. reality check
  21. **** man...
  22. Im really starting to hate my mom.....
  23. Aint life a Sheet
  24. Rude members who loves to spoil your day
  25. f*ck love!
  26. Last day of school yesterday.
  27. gaining 50lbs in a year
  28. Got a knife pulled on me
  29. Need help over girl...
  30. Last day of school (las vegas, nevada)
  31. My files suddenly got deleted! ****!!!
  32. life is BS
  33. an accident..
  34. Is this the real meaning of TRUST?
  35. so pissed right now
  36. life is going all wrong
  37. i'm so sad today....
  38. I hate living here
  39. my psp got stolen, but thats the least of my problems...
  40. What do u do when ur sad or angry
  41. Hectic day at school
  42. Lost most of my emotions and feelings?!!? IS it possible?!?!
  43. Whats wrong with me?
  44. my life sucks right now
  45. worst f**king morning ever
  46. Worst birthday ever.
  47. DAP su***
  48. wow life sucks =/
  49. big party in town - i can't go :(
  50. Bad Luck T_T
  51. Man. Life's a Bi*ch!!!
  52. why me? what have i done in my life to deserve this?!!?im so close to just ending it
  53. So Like... I have This Girlfriend :)
  54. My grandmother . :'(
  55. attempt to skip sch failed
  56. Untold love stories
  57. Life is so cruel
  58. What is this...?
  59. I'm in love!!! feel sad though.
  60. The story of my life.
  61. I always dream about this..
  62. Bad luck been with me for over a year now
  63. For those who have broke up with a girl!
  64. PSP Will Never get Hacked
  65. Cousins Phsycho Girlfriend Won't Leave!!!
  66. My Night Out.
  67. I hate summer
  68. is drinking a sin?
  69. ok i do like that girl i really do like her.
  70. sometimes i should shut up
  71. Can't Speak
  72. girl dilemma
  73. Nice girl who is already taken
  74. is she messing with my head?!?!?!
  75. Painful Neck
  76. freshman football
  77. YAGP(yet another girl problem)
  78. Why I hate MMOs
  79. Any DM that is fast won't work on my comp.
  80. Mindless spammers and advertisers, kind of irraiting to me?
  81. wtf...?
  82. Didn't Get To Finish My Post & Felt Like Clarifying
  83. Broken heart story
  84. Wtf
  85. Cat died in front of my home :(
  86. Total Loser
  87. depressed life just cought up with me and now i don't know what to do....
  88. what do you think ???
  89. Fedex.......
  90. I Just Can't Get Out Of This Slump.
  91. amusing patheticness?
  92. Difference languages, culturls... What should i do with her ?
  93. A heart with anger
  94. I'm sick of everything.
  95. Im having one of those days...
  96. Boooooooooooring Summer
  97. Over-Sensitive People
  98. Little brother snitched on my text messages...
  99. Hugely F'ed over
  100. Its my time to say it... Pls give ur take.
  101. I'm tired of this bull****
  102. I HATE animal abuse!!!
  103. Life kinda sucks.
  104. My life just turned upside down b/c of this girl..
  105. Someone, Please Stop This Madness Overtaking My Mind & Body
  106. what can an old man do...
  107. Yeah, I'm In Trouble
  108. Really pissed off!!!!!
  109. The Inevitable Undoing of Glue
  110. Selling PSP :(
  111. have absolutely no idea what to do (girl problems)
  112. I am so hot I attract gay thai men
  113. Dam it. I screwed myself here.
  114. Something you dont know about your amazing forum member...
  115. It Hurts
  116. Bull**** laptop accident, b#tch bi#ch bit#h.....
  117. pop ups
  118. what will happen
  119. problems with the sarb (School Attendance Review Boards)
  120. damn! im caving in here!
  121. How to combat addictions By -Da General-
  122. Man Why.....
  123. I injured my knee
  124. darn...
  125. Chunni Died i loved him as my son, may he Be in Heaven.:(
  126. Seriously need some advice on how to deal with this kind of situation...
  127. oh my stupid mom!!!!!!!!!
  128. 16 confirmed Swine Flu cases in...
  129. i give up its not gona happen...
  130. Been waiting now still waiting!!
  131. R.I.P, PSP, you'll remain in my heart forever.
  132. For those Who are broken/Cheated By their Girl Friends....
  133. i failed
  134. Childhood girl
  135. Life's lies
  136. Decide If I will commit suicide
  137. I need an addiction.
  138. Why The Heck Is Going On At Wiiso?
  139. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  140. What am I doing wrong???
  141. What to do with a girl?
  142. Girls. *sigh*
  143. God damn rip off school
  144. Shaving Cream
  145. Over Ratings.
  146. Concentration
  147. Financial problem
  148. now she can't ****en go!!! WTF?!?!
  149. Pregnancy
  150. My Xbox 360 Elite, moded, - JUST GOT ONE RED RING OF DEATH.
  151. How I Unwind
  152. im changing , help me!!!
  153. an irritating friend
  154. I had a Nitemare lastnite
  155. my love life :(
  156. Football for freshmen highschool
  157. Worst Day in school
  158. Downward Spiral
  159. Eaten Bird
  160. Spilled boiling tea on my bits
  161. omg i hate these D***ks
  162. I Have som problem i donno wht to do. som help n advice wuld be nice???/
  163. Fired
  164. I hate hackers like i hate myself!!!
  165. Weather
  166. My friend passed away
  167. Honest discussion: Rape.
  168. just when i thought i was done with all this bull****!!!!
  169. Rage quit!
  170. I'm sorry if I offended anyone
  171. R.I.P. Ginger
  172. Life's A Roller Coaster Ride
  173. Getting dump???
  174. Lol Owned
  175. god damn codwaw
  176. got dumped..
  177. What Is wrong with me!
  178. Cracked screen
  179. Help
  180. i need a job
  181. wow..right when things looked like they were turning around...
  182. Need Advice Quickly
  183. Back in the day!!!!
  184. I guess girls got it bad
  185. My computer got fried......
  186. I need a life
  187. F------ a--...
  188. Oh sh*t, ouch
  189. Are video games bad for health?
  190. Power supply exploded
  191. The Girl/Boyfriend thread
  192. A serious question is waiting for you!!!!!
  193. Sensitivity+Superstitous
  194. Need help
  195. Problems Problems Problems!
  196. IP being checked...Does wiping hard drive change ip?
  197. Comcast a-- holes
  198. I have a problem giving things up
  199. Got dumped.
  200. I think there's a serial killer living next to me.
  201. no fair
  202. FML bills hittin hardd
  203. Prayers needed
  204. Girlfriend nearly got raped
  205. So mad at my boss
  206. any ****en time i think something good is going to happen something bad happens...
  207. Work or school >_<!
  208. Life suckest moments
  209. bro broke the lan port of my eee pc 701!!!!!
  210. Read This For Help With Depression Or Suicidal Thoughts
  211. Need Urgent Help (It's Religous!)
  212. first date RUINED..
  213. Got lots of vacation assignments!!!!!
  214. Owned, much I guess
  215. Kind of OCD
  216. I hate my brother
  217. so how does romeo find juliet?
  218. frigging hate my life -.-
  219. Seriously need advice
  220. Do you think I need help?
  221. The immature friend...
  222. My PSP got stolen!
  223. Problems
  224. Trying to quit WoW...
  225. I want to explode!!!!!!!!!!!!
  226. feeling depressed...
  227. Was about to be finished typing my essay
  228. Inappropriate Language Will not be Tolerated!
  229. Sorry about the thread... :(
  230. To night I quit my old life
  231. What do you Do when your depressed
  232. My ISP
  233. THis will cheer you up
  234. Virgin Mobile...
  235. Post your Dirty Little Secret...
  236. Crazy Teacher
  237. I`m semi depressed...and I guess jelous too.
  238. tired of teachers
  239. Why is it that every game I enjoy seems to make me angry?
  240. damn..what should i do? [about girls]
  241. Racism at Work ....
  242. I hate the internet, no wait, i love it...
  243. big problem
  244. Worst Teacher EVER. Do You Agree?
  245. Lost my confidence...
  246. Do I deserve to get shot
  247. Worst two months in my life ;_ ;
  248. Math Teacher
  249. Anyone know how much...
  250. Cheated out of RE5 Multiplayer