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  2. Where can I get a R4 card from
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  4. N5
  5. [TQ]DS Flashcart FAQ
  6. [GUIDE] How to see if you have a Fake R4
  7. The New Dual Touchscreen Nintendo DSi(with pictures)
  8. So i just got a Ds Lite
  9. a DS..
  10. help with R4 version III ???
  11. Recomend me some good DS games. THANKS!
  12. r4 cards for sale,
  13. I need a genuine R4ds
  14. My Sims Walkthrough (NDS)
  15. Quick question on DSi
  16. What flash card to get??????????
  17. Cheat device on r4
  18. R4's
  19. Urgent! I need some1 2 tell me how unlock the card port on spectrobes!
  20. n5
  21. R4 III ~Review~
  22. R4
  23. NDSL power problems
  24. nds cant play littlest pet shop only ...
  25. DSI homebrew
  26. Games N' Music card question.
  27. Oh yeah lords of the rings conquest is out :D
  28. Help !
  29. New Flash-Card for DSi! 1st and 2nd
  30. Dstt
  31. GTA: China Town Wars Release Date
  32. DS FLASHCARD software downloads...
  33. ds save
  34. need help with dstt
  35. need help on DSLITE
  36. So, what do you guys have on your flash cards/micro SDs?
  37. a lil help needed. THANKS
  38. Which Flashcart should i get?
  39. Want to buy a DS, got some Qs
  40. Megami Ibunroku Devil Survivor JAP...
  41. cheat database for r4 card
  42. If anyone needs help on Sims 2 Castaway!
  43. DS Games
  44. M3 real for ds
  45. Sims 2 Castaway! Does anyone know how to this???
  46. GTA: Chinatown Wars UPDATE!
  47. Tell How you got your DS/DSlite/DSi
  48. HELP!!!!my r4 says that it is fake how do i fix it?
  49. Where to buy R4?
  50. request: The World Ends With You & emu that runs it perfect
  51. Nintendo Ds ~ R4 Themes
  52. Help! M3 skins
  53. will new games work on an m3 real
  54. Nintendo DS Games Are Not Allowed To Be Posted Here!!
  55. requesting : no$gba 2.7 versio
  56. I need help with R4DS cheat device.
  57. Nintendo DS question
  58. Help! I dont know wat to do
  59. GBA in NDS question
  60. New Limited edition DS Golden Triforce
  61. Were to get nintendo ds games
  62. RE: DSi
  63. TTDS i?
  64. Dragon Quest IX delay may influence Final Fantasy XIII
  65. DS Hack
  66. NDSL or NDSi?
  67. acekard issues?
  68. The Best DS Games?
  69. Nintendo DSi gets release date for North America
  70. DSi April 5, $170
  71. Finally a European release date for the DSi!!!
  72. ds cheat help
  73. Recconend some Good DS Wi-Fi Games?
  74. i have a question
  75. Anyone got any spare Nintendo Stars codes?
  76. NDS R4 flash carts officially banned in Japan
  77. megaman zx advent freeezing!!!
  78. i have a R4 Revolution question
  79. Blue Dragon Plus
  80. Final Fantasy 12: Revenant Wings
  81. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days dated, DSi bundle revealed, more screens
  82. Pokemon Platinum english
  83. mini vmac ds help please!!!
  84. My Chinese Coach?
  85. Nintendo DS hits 100 million sold milestone
  86. NDS Lite Touch Screen Repair HELP
  87. Help: DS does not turn on
  88. Nintendo DS Lite will not be phased out
  89. can ndsl connect to wifi?
  90. need advice on an R4 question?
  91. GTA china town wars ?
  92. gta chinatown wars ar codes
  93. GTA:Chinatown Wars, Valkyrie Profile, Suikoden
  94. Nintendo DS Not Turning On.. Help Plz!
  95. New DS coming
  96. wer can i get DS GAMES
  97. Ds Emulator????
  98. GTA multiplayer Freeze
  99. Acekard2 question
  100. Fifa Street 3
  101. hihi
  102. Ds Grand Theft Auto China Town Wars WORKING !!!
  103. CoD 5 won't work on my R4
  104. Customized DS Lite. w/Picture
  105. Euro DSi more protected against flashcards than in Japan
  106. DSi!!is it worth it?
  107. Help with flash card
  108. i Bought a DS !!
  109. Region Save Change?
  110. M3 /g6 video format ?
  111. Broken 1st gen DS
  112. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time HELP!
  113. Please help me!!!!!!
  114. Aus DSi compatable with AceKard 2i? EDIT!
  115. R4 help
  116. Ds Gardening Mama
  117. cyclods help pls
  118. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  119. bob's game
  120. Review of My DSi. (US)
  121. I wonder....
  122. Nintendo DSi is hot seller in the UK
  123. DSi have SD card slots soo?(softmodding)
  124. Cheapest place to buy R4DS?
  125. how do u put game saves on the ds
  126. DSi + CycloDS Evolution Test
  127. Best flashcart?
  128. help need some info
  129. DS Lite or DSi
  130. Ds Lite or DSi?
  131. Got An Acekard!!!
  132. Just bought the DSI
  133. AceKard2 / AceKard2i
  134. iTouchDS 2 coming next week
  135. What should I get?
  136. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars flops badly
  137. I got a DSi :DDD
  138. iTouchDS 2
  139. Pokemon platinum problem
  140. ok i need some flashcart help
  141. help tell me where to get free ds games???
  142. R4 Revolution
  143. Nintendo targets Mother's Day with DS bundle
  144. What the PSP does the DS can too?
  145. Got a DSlite and R4
  146. Rythm Heaven
  147. Hooray for new Ace Attorney game!! WOOTS!!
  148. Nooby Time: Just got a DSL need Flashcard !
  149. R4 sdhc
  150. DS from Japan
  151. Question about the DS Lite
  152. R4/DSTT help, what to buy?
  153. DPG (ds movies) converter anyone???
  154. Pokemon Platinum Problem
  155. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver - UPDATED - 24/09/09
  156. SuperCard DS Onei Announced!
  157. Broken DS Lite?
  158. DSi Question MIGHT GET FREE APPS
  159. heyoo DS Shooting games ask
  160. Got a question!
  161. gba and snes on ds
  162. Pokemon Platinum (U) Fixed Rom by a friend :)
  163. Got a DS lite!!
  164. Anti-piracy technology on DS games by this holiday
  165. Play Piano on Your DSi
  166. DSI sound easter easter eggs
  167. DSi Flashcart questions....
  168. pls help!
  169. Pkmn Diamond battling
  170. Warning!-Fake R4 can Brick your DS!
  171. Supercard DSONEi Info!!!
  172. Man only some days left for Megaman starforce 3 ? which one are you!
  173. what causes a blown fuse in ds?
  174. NPD US April shows astounding 1 million DS sales, slams sales of all others combined
  175. Square Enix reveals Dragon Quest Wars for DSiWare
  176. Do you know that DS Games Which Are Downloaded are Demos?
  177. pokemon platinum friend codes
  178. Donald and Goofy playable in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  179. Is a NDSi worth it? Or is the older one better?
  180. Original R4 Firmware Alternative?
  181. jap games
  182. Should I buy a DS?
  183. Looking for good japanese games
  184. Kingdom Hearts 358-2 Days - Japan !!
  185. can you really hack a DS?
  186. 1 quick r4 question??
  187. What's your DS look like?
  188. anyone know when will the DSI come to singapore??
  189. Pokemon Heart Gold or Silver Soul? which one will you like to buy?
  190. can wii point card be use to top up nintendo points with the DSI ?
  191. No realease date for The Legend of Zelda Spirit tracks at E3 !
  192. At last , After 6YEARS Golden sun 3 the sequel has been announced!!!!!!
  193. R4 Theme Help!!!!!!!!!
  194. Fake r4 theme help!!!!!!!
  195. Nintendo to bundle pedometer with Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver
  196. how do i connect my ds to the computer?
  197. Square Enix Piracy Protection?!
  198. Help a newb out!!!
  199. i wanna buy uk
  200. >SINGAPORE>Purchasing a DSTT Flashcard, Offer 50$ for HOME delivery
  201. Acekard 2
  202. R4 ds problem
  203. Tingle starring in two new DS games
  204. Can you download DSIware?
  205. Megaman Starforce 3 is releasing, which one you gonna get? (Poll)
  206. help with pokemon platinum
  207. What Model DS do u have?
  208. New DS game announced ! : Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden
  209. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Hands-On Impressions
  210. R4 helpp
  211. New Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver trailer, pre-order goodies
  212. Flashkard 2/General flashcart help?
  213. Piracy and Convenience! R4 Vending Machine!
  214. any 1 got DQ9?
  215. Best DS flashcard? Acekard, R4? Where do I get it?
  216. Starforcce 3 black ace who has it? Post your friend code
  217. ndsl game problem
  218. my r4 games somtimes freeze anyone know how to fix it
  219. Can i play games like sega and Snes on a DS with a FlashCart
  220. R4DS Revolution Question
  221. What games would you recommend?
  222. what format does nintendo ds play
  223. Chrono Trigger Patched
  224. Reliable Sites for R4i
  225. Limited Edition SaGa DSi unveiled, multiplayer mode details
  226. Corrupted SD? Possible fix?
  227. My Review of the M3i Zero card :)
  228. My Iplayer Review (note quite a long review!) :)
  229. Ubi-soft hates Prirates
  230. dsi with camera
  231. how do i get free dsi points?.... urgent :(
  232. DSi v1.4 firmware happening now... blocks flashcards!
  233. Final Fantasy Gaiden: The Four Warriors of Light release date announced
  234. Man Gets 2.5 Years Jail Time in DS Piracy Case
  235. Help If this website is real or fake??+rep
  236. Dsi firmware cracked
  237. DSi Questions!
  238. HELP PLEASE.. Planing to buy a DS..
  239. New DSi 1.4 firmware update work around discovered
  240. help about my pokemon diamond how to...
  241. [NDS]Pokemon Platinum HeadQuarters
  242. Question : Nintendo DS Wi-Fi
  243. Some help needed
  244. AK2i update is here! (Download link and instructions added)
  245. how update my DS fat firmware??? and help
  246. DSi Emulators
  247. dsi chat
  248. ~Scribblenauts~ This game is gonna be great!
  249. Supercard DSONEi Fix for 1.4
  250. Free DSi points/ DSIware