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  1. Bunch of new Sony NGP game screenshots + Big screenshots
  2. Watch Uncharted Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048 in action
  3. NGP's backwards compatibility unveiled
  4. Sony: 'NGP Dev Budgets Close To PSP'
  5. Yoshida: Sony ‘comfortable’ with NGP price point
  6. E3 2011: Bioshock Coming To NGP
  7. It's official: PSVITA is the official name for the Next Generation Portable
  8. PlayStation Vita starting at $249
  9. Oh sh-- Street Fighter x Tekken for the PSVITA ? *New screens added !*
  10. E3 2011: Oddworld Comes to PlayStation Vita
  11. Rockstar Developing Multiple PlayStation Vita Games
  12. Ridge Racer Coming to PlayStation Vita
  13. Full list of PlayStation Vita developers!
  14. BlazBlue Continuum Shift II plus Coming to PlayStation Vita
  15. Uncharted, LBP, ModNation, SFxT PS Vita videos
  16. Gravity (Vita, Team Siren) screens and info
  17. this better be rumour for love of god or sony are douches ps vita 2012 wtf
  18. Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown Coming to PS3 and PS Vita + Trailer
  19. It's official - Playstation Vita
  20. PlayStation VITA Games Pricing Revealed ?
  21. E3: Konami looking into Vita compatibility for Metal Gear Solid HD titles
  22. SHINOBIDO 2: Tales of the Ninja Vita Trailer
  23. Sony's NGP Could Get 3D Screen in the Future
  24. Sony releases PlayStation Vita FAQs
  25. PlayStation Vita will be region free!
  26. E3 2011: PlayStation Vita to Support PS2 Emulator – Rumor
  27. Ridge Racer Vita: Artwork and Tech Demo (vid) + A look at Resistance Vita (gif)
  28. Comfired: Ps Vita will be region free
  29. PlayStationVita Pricing.
  30. First details about Silent Hill: Book-vita
  31. Hands-on: LBP psvita. *funneh!*
  32. PS Vita 4GB 8GB 16GB & 32GB cards (picture)
  33. HD Hot Shots Golf/Everybody's Golf vita gameplay + another Vision Engine demo on vita
  34. PS Vita UK price revealed?
  35. PS VITA, Australian Price Announced?
  36. KojiPro: All Future Titles to Have PSVita Versions
  37. Played Project Ruin On PS3 & Vita, Killed A Monster God Of War Style
  38. More About Project Gravity’s Combat System And Kat’s Kicks
  39. PSVita: An Amazing Walkthrough With Hot Shot Golf: showing off cool new features
  40. Dragon’s Crown new details
  41. Confirmed Ridge Racer Unbounded for Ps Vita
  42. Memory Card Slot for PlayStation Vita Exposed
  43. Skype on PS Vita?
  44. Flying Hamster trailer
  45. New Sega IP exclusively for PS Vita
  46. IGN Interviewed Shuhei Yoshida about PS Vita,his take on WII U,lessons learned...etc
  47. Information on the cost of PSVita games
  48. Fake PS Vita
  49. PS Vita to Have “Voice Recognition Gaming”
  50. Report: PlayStation Vita Release Date Leaked
  51. Report: PlayStation Vita Release Date Leaked
  52. Jack Tretton Promises PS Vita Will Be Focused on Gaming First
  53. Skype could come to PlayStation Vita despite Microsoft purchase
  54. PlayStation Portable Will Not be Repeated with Vita
  55. psp amazon shipping news(us)
  56. PlayStation Vita Facial Recognition
  57. PSVita's New Memory Card!
  58. Rumor- Phantasy Star Victory for the PSV
  59. Sony PS Vita Rear Touchpad Was Almost Rejected
  60. Great news..
  61. Final Fantasy XI on the Vita ?
  62. Two New Gravity Daze videos surfaces
  63. Capcom Developing At Least Four Vita Games, One Is A Launch Title
  64. Possible El Shaddai spinoffs could come to Vita, Wii U
  65. Sony Signs Exclusivity Contract With LittleBigPlanet Vita Developer Double Eleven
  66. Hands-on with PS Vita: 5 killer features to love, 5 to be wary of
  67. Develop 2011: PS Vita is the most developer friendly hardware Sony has ever made
  68. Develop 2011: Sony discusses the possibilities for social networking, augmented reali
  69. Japanese Gamers and Developers Comment on PlayStation Vita
  70. Rumor: Disgaea 3 to be a Vita launch title
  71. Sony details Vita's online modes
  72. Blazblue - Continumm Shift 2+ will have a new character
  73. Idea Factory and Compile Hearts Have 3DS and PS Vita Games in the Works
  74. PS Vita RAM cut doesn't worry us - Sony studio partner
  75. Fighting Reality: Novarama on Augmented Games, Sony Exclusivity and PlayStation Vita
  76. PlayStation Vita launching this fall in US?
  77. Street Fighter X Tekken Interview Discusses About 3D To 2D Shift And… Darkstalkers
  78. Sony And Nintendo Cut Profit Forecasts Amidst Low Hardware Demand
  79. Sony PS Vita Performance Leaked
  80. Sony source:Ps Vita RAM Not Cut
  81. PS Vita CPU manufactured by Samsung
  82. Supremacy MMA Announced for PSV
  83. Rumor: PlayStation Vita Coming October 28th ?
  84. Every PSV will have CPU developed from SAMSUNG!
  85. (NEWS) Developer Hints US And UK PS Vita Release Date
  86. Sony Ps Vita Gets A New Release Date
  87. PS Vita – Set to Release October 28th
  88. Sony Gives Out Free Dev Kits
  89. Sony: Use Vita as a PS3 controller
  90. Sony PlayStation Vita clears the FCC hurdle, gets tantailizingly close to US release
  91. PS Vita will miss Christmas in US and Europe
  92. Rumor: MVC3 spotted for PlayStation Vita
  93. Virtua Tennis 4 Playstation Vita footage looks impressive
  94. Disgaea 3 Return confirmed for PS Vita
  95. Nippon Ichi Hints at Four New Games
  96. Rumors & Speculation: Ninja Gaiden In Development For Vita
  97. Sega is making two launch titles for Vita
  98. Analyst Expects 2.5 Million PS Vitas This Year, 5000 Yen Loss Per System
  99. Little Busters! Converted Edition coming to PSVita
  100. Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay Trailer
  101. PSVita have the L3 and R3 button? YES!
  102. Sony Wants to Know What PlayStation Vita Peripherals You Want
  103. PS Vita “a car wreck” claims UFC Trainer dev
  104. Mortal Kombat 9 coming to Vita
  105. Rumor: Possible List of Unannounced PS Vita Games Leaked (Holy Macaroni !)
  106. Resistance Burning Skies Video..
  107. Updated Vita Specs - including RAM (512MB+128MB confirmed !!!) + Yoshida Confirms !
  108. Ubisoft Announces Six PS Vita Games
  109. PS Vita Announces Trophy Support Just Like PS3!!!
  110. Screenshot of the Vita Web Browser
  111. Sony Announces Graffiti Application For PlayStation Vita
  112. Sony Announces Brand New PSV IP, Escape Plan + screens
  113. Uncharted: Golden Abyss GamesCom 2011 trailer
  114. Rayman Origins, PSVita trailer
  115. Gravity Rush (Aka Gravity Daze) PSVita
  116. PS Vita getting hammered with negative publicity...
  117. Dwango Developing Nico Nico Video Service for PlayStation Vita
  118. Playstation Vita exclusive app announced - Frobisher Says ! (Trailer link fixed*)
  119. New Vita leaked web browser and music player images..
  120. Twitter, Facebook, Skype and foursquare are all coming to the Playstation Vita
  121. Full PS Vita Tech Specs
  122. Silent Hill: Book of Memories gameplay
  123. PS Vita Screens: Check out the Trophy List, PlayStation Store & More
  124. Leaked pictures shows how Skype will look on PSVita
  125. PS3 developers to milk PS Vita's power
  126. Resistance Burning Skies Preview
  127. F1 2011 gameplay
  128. Official PS Vita OS Screenshots! 11 of them!
  129. Rumor: Ubisoft Worker Leaks Assassins Creed PS VITA Character Models
  130. Ubisoft Worker Leaks Assassins Creed PS VITA Title
  131. Vita dev kit to cost €1,900 plus VAT
  132. Wipeout 2048 To Introduce New Weapons System, Online Campaign
  133. PlayStation Vita Gets Malicious !
  134. New Vita games to be announced in the next 4 Famitsu Magazines
  135. PlayStation Vita Gets Classic Chunsoft Adventure Game + Scans !
  136. Little King Story Sequel Due for PlayStation Vita + Scan !
  137. ChunSoft Developing 999 Successor for PlayStation Vita and 3DS + Scans !
  138. PS3 and Vita BlazBlue Share Save Data
  139. Rumor: Amazon Listing Reveals Call of Duty PS VITA Title And Box Art
  140. Mad Blocker is Open Emotion's exclusive for PS Vita
  141. PlayStation Vita Malicious is a Port
  142. First Look: Team 999's New Vita/3DS Adventure
  143. The First Trailer For Extreme Escape Adventure Escapes From Chunsoft
  144. Rumor: Persona 4 Portable ?
  145. Konami Brings Four PlayStation Vita Titles to Tokyo Game Show
  146. First PlayStation Vita Little King's Story Screenshots
  147. Konami's Mysterious Fourth PlayStation Vita Game is AR Combat Digi Q
  148. Sony Planning To Bundle Compatible PlayStation 3 & PlayStation Vita Titles Together
  149. First Look: Foursquare And Facebook Applications On PS Vita
  150. Sony To Supply PlayStation Vita With A Continuous Stream Of Content, Has Learned Its
  151. EA: PS Vita 'has a better chance than 3DS'
  152. Drinkbox Announces Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack For PlayStation Vita
  153. First Look: PlayStation Vita Malicious
  154. Four "New" PS Vita Titles Revealed
  155. BlazBlue Developers Want Cross Platform Play and 3G Support For Extend
  156. PlayStation Vita Camera Specs Confirmed
  157. 0D Beat Drop Creator Wants to Make Music Game on Vita
  158. BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend Trailer
  159. Konami's Mysterious Fourth PlayStation Vita Game is AR Combat Digi Q+vid livearea
  160. Creator Of TEKKEN Hints At TEKKEN For The PS VITA
  161. God Eater Developer Possibly Working on PlayStation Vita Action Game
  162. Rumor: Leaked pic reveals MK Vita name and release date + Could be an Action Game
  163. Gust Developing For PlayStation Vita
  164. Rumor: Details About Call of Duty PS VITA To Be Revealed At COD XP ?
  165. Atlus Announces Persona 4 Vita, Persona 4 Fighter, and Teases Persona 5 + Scans !
  166. Dynasty Warriors For The Vita Gets Official Name, New Gameplay Changes Revealed
  167. Disgaea 3 Return Shows Off Vita Software Package Design ( JP )
  168. Persona 4 The Golden and The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena screenshots
  169. NEW! First bunch of screenshots of Yakuza Black Panther 2!!!(Graphics looks upgraded)
  170. Sony Shares Tokyo Game Show Lineup (18 unannounced Vita games !)
  171. Hints at a sequel? God Eater community site opens on first day of TGS.
  172. Nine New PlayStation Vita Games in This Week's Famitsu
  173. Dungeon Hunter Alliance PS Vita gameplay
  174. Tales of... series producer hints at Vita Tales title
  175. 3 new Vita games announced
  176. PSVita OS detailed
  177. PS Vita Japanese release date revealed?
  178. Gamearts Developing Ragnarok For PlayStation Vita
  179. Vita's new title - Sumioni's Scan
  180. Ragnarok Odyssey detailed + scans
  181. Persona 4 - The Golden's screenshots
  182. Ragnarok Odyssey, SUMIONI trailer now available
  183. Dream Club ZERO + Moe Moe Daisensou PS Vita trailer
  184. Ragnarok Odyssey screenshots *Updated 12/9/11*
  185. DJ Max Technika Leaving Arcades, Landing On PlayStation Vita
  186. Shinobido 2 Trailer and Screens
  187. True Night of the Kamaitachi The 11th Visitor - Trailer - PS Vita
  188. New Lumines: Electronic Symphony screenshots
  189. There’s Always A Way To Survive A Boss Fight In Dragon’s Crown
  190. Super Monkey Ball Vita Leaks Through Sega's Flickr (pics)
  191. New Tales of teaser site opens up ahead of TGS
  192. More PSV games revealed – Ninja Gaiden: Sigma, Ultimate MvC 3, Ys IV Remake + Info
  193. PlayStation Vita Slide Shows ZOE HD, Tales of Innocence, Metal Gear Solid HD and More
  194. PS Vita release date revealed ! (Japan)
  195. Toro & Kuro confirmed for ST x TK Vita
  196. FF X remake for Vita & PS3 !
  197. This Is What Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Looks Like On PlayStation Vita
  198. Meet Square Enix’s Army Corps of Hell In The First Screenshots
  199. First Screens Of Ys IV: Woodland of Celceta Sprout
  200. Vita Software Release List Mentions New Level-5 RPG and Other Surprises
  201. PS Vita battery lasts 3-5 hours while gaming
  202. Funny Street Fighter X Tekken PS Vita INTRO Trailer
  203. TGS: What PlayStation Vita Game Cases Look Like
  204. TGS 2011: PS Vita Will Support Remote Play With PS3 Games
  205. PlayStation Vita Setup and User Interface Demo
  206. LUMINES Electronic Symphony Playstation Vita
  208. Katamari Damacy Playstation Vita
  209. Dark Quest Alliance Playstation Vita
  210. Y's IV Playstation Vita Trailer
  211. AR Combat Digi Q Playstation Vita Trailer
  212. Tales of Innocence R Playstation Vita Trailer
  213. Little King's Story PlayStation Vita Trailer
  214. Lumines Electronic Symphony Playstation Vita Gameplay
  215. Monster Radar Playstation Vita Trailer
  216. F1 2011 Playstation Vita Trailer
  217. BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT EXTEND Playstation Vita Trailer
  218. Army Corps of Hell Playstation Vita Trailer
  219. Shinobido 2 TGS 2011 Playstation Vita Trailer
  220. Little Busters! Converted Edition Playstation Vita Trailer
  221. Disgaea 3 Return Playstation Vita Trailer
  222. NicoNico on PSV
  223. Persona 4 :The ultimate in Mayonaka Arena News!
  224. Uncharted : Golden Abyss Looks Stunning (new offscreen footage at TGS)
  225. LittleBigPlanet Vita: TGS Demo
  226. Yoshio Matsumoto talks multitasking, privacy, memory cards and more.
  227. PSV Music Player/Rhythm Game: Project NOELS
  228. Monster Hunter 4 PSVita not!
  229. PSVita portable charger to be 5000mAh, 9–15 hours of playtime in total
  230. All PSVita accessories and their prizes!(External battery included and more!)
  231. Vita/PS3 Street Fighter X Tekken share DLC, Vita arcade stick, TGS 2011 trailer
  232. Lord of Apocalypse + Scans
  233. Ridge Racer Sony PSVita gameplay
  234. PS Vita has more ram in total then PS3!
  235. VITA Screens showing browser, livearea, trophies and media.
  236. Shuhei Yoshida Confirms That The PS Vita Is Region Free
  237. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - gameplay PSVita version
  238. Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino thinks that the PS Vita is “Like the Space Battleship Yamato
  239. (NEWS) It's Official PS Vita Is Region Free
  240. [VIDEO] Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  241. Playstation Vita Remote Play PS3 Killzone 3!
  242. Playstation Vita TGS 2011 (Games)
  243. PlayStation Vita Interview With Shuhei Yoshida
  244. Reality Fighters Playstation Vita Dev Walk-Through
  245. Tales of Innocence R TGS 2011 Gameplay Plus Expect More Tales For The PSVita
  246. Augmented Reality on the next generation of PSVita
  247. PS Vita memory cards might kill your wallet
  248. [PRE TGS] Official Vita peripherals/accessories [INFO]
  249. Watch An Uncharted: Golden Abyss Walkthrough With The Director
  250. PlayStation Vita And PSP Know How To Talk To Each Other In Ad-Hoc Mode