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Aren't you getting your Password Reminder??? See how to fix the problem.

"I have not logged in for a long time and had forgotten my password. I was trying to get onto my old account but was unable to, and though it said it sent a reminder email I did not receive anything."

This is a typical message that I came across every time I see this title “Not receiving password email”, members are obliged then to abandon their old accounts and created new ones which reflect some problems with staff and our automated system detection for multiple accounts.

After investigate the problem on the top email service provider Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail, and after doing several test, I managed to make it work.

Before we go into details, I advise the PSPISO members to memorize the email they used to register their account here and keep it active just in case something happened and they forget their password.

Before you request a password reminder and depending on your email host server, do these steps first:

For accounts …; …, …

1. Go to Inbox
2. On the top right click “Option”
3. A drop menu will appear, select “more option”
4. Under “Junk Email”, select “Safe and blocked senders”.
5. Then “Select Safe senders”
6. In the box where it says “Sender or domain to mark as safe” write down and press “add to list”

For accounts …; …

Google didn’t present any problem for password reminder and the emails were delivered immediately. However error can happened sometimes and to avoid this do the following

1. At the top right of your Gmail inbox click “Settings”
2. A series of tabs will appears, click on “Filter”
3. Under filter click on “Create a new filter”
4. A new page will appears, fill it like the following

Has the words: PSPISO
To: <Don’t write anything>
Doesn’t have: <Don’t write anything>
Subject: PSPISO

5. Click “Next Step”
6. In the new page check the following:
Star it
Never send it to Spam
7. Click on Create Filter

For accounts …; …; …

1. Go to yahoo Mail
2. At the top right of the page Click “Options”
3. A drop down menu will appear, Click on “Mail Options”
4. In the new page and on the left, click “Filters”
5. After you click filters and on the right side now, click “Create or Edit Filters”
6. A new window/tab will open
7. Click “Add”
8. Under Filter name write
9. Under Subject write down PSPISO and check the match case box
10. Under “Move the message to” select “Inbox”
11. Click Add Filter.

Now you can request the password reminder via your email address whenever you encountered a log in problem.

A password reminder will looks like this (In your email Inbox)

Dear izenhower,

You have requested to reset your password on PSPISO because you have forgotten your password. If you did not request this, please ignore it. It will expire and become useless in 24 hours time.

To reset your password, please visit the following page:

When you visit that page, your password will be reset, and the new password will be emailed to you.

Your username is: izenhower

To edit your profile, go to this page:

All the best,

I optimized this tutorial only for the above email service provider because of their frequent usability and popularity. If anything will come up, I will update the topic.

We put our effort to resolve this constant problem and we performed several tests to prove it efficiently. For privacy issue, keep in mind that the PSPISO Admins/Administrators will never PM you the password if you ever forget it.

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