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What is a '.rar' file?

To save time downloading, files are compressed before they are uploaded.

In order to get the file you need, you will need to decompress it.

The most commonly used compressor is RAR. You can get a freeware version of this here

Very occasionally, uploaders will use another compression tool, like zip, 7zip, or Lharc. Simply google the file extension, in order to download and obtain the correct decompression tool for these file types.

The files I've downloaded are split into several parts. How do I merge them all?

Nothing to this at all - winrar does all the work for you.

Make sure that all the parts are in the same folder. Double click on any part (doesn't matter which one) to open a winrar window, which will show you the file that's inside the archive (its usually a 'cso' or an 'iso file).

Simply drag the file where you want to extract it too.

Winrar automatically extracts from all the separate parts and joins them up without you having to do anything else at all!

Simple , eh?

Password is wrong - error message trying to extract the file - ?

Ensure you really are typing the given password correctly. Copy and paste it to be sure!

If you still have an error from winrar, then I'm afraid it is a crc error - ie a bit of data has become corrupt whilst downloading.

Winrar always puts the '(password incorrect?)' message when there is an error, even when the password is fine.

Best thing to do in this situation, is to identify which part of the rar file is causing the error (you can watch the top bar of the window as its extracting and see which bit its on), and then re download that bit.

If your file is a single piece download, I'm afraid that means downloading all of it again, which is a drawback for single link downloads.

I can't see the 'extension' last three letters of a file? How can I rename a file in windows?

By default, windows does this stupid thing where it hides a files extension (last three letters) for files where it recognizes the extension.

This can make it hard for you to change an extension, which you will need to do to use some files. Heres how to change this behavior so you can change any 'extension' you like.

Open an explorer window.

Go to 'tools/ folder options' to open a new settings dialog box.

In the 'view' tab, in the advanced settings window, there is an option 'hide extensions for known file types'. Make sure that is off!

Hit the button saying 'apply to all folders'.

All files you see now, will show their extensions.

Simply 'right click' and choose 'rename', if you need to change the extension of a file.

File Hosting sites - why do people use certain ones? Some are no good for me!

There is no one hosting site that suits all users from all over the world. What's perfect for you, will not be good for someone else.

Many file hosting sites that seem good, have problems, like a poor tolerance of warze files that results in them being deleted quickly, or a limited amount of downloads for a file, or limited downloading speed.

Uploaders will use a variety of reasons to decide where they want to upload their files, and those reasons might not always be obvious to you.

Some sites are tolerant of warze, and in general, files uploaded to these sites will stay there and be available to the community for a long time. As a result, these sites have become standard places for 'pirates' to exchange files and a site like Rapidshare is used to host many types of warze , from psp and 360 and PC software through to music movies and porn - its all on there. As a result, a large number of people in the 'scene' have premium accounts for these sites and they can access files extremely quickly and with no delays.

Because warze files use a lot of bandwidth, these sites need to encourage 'premium users' in order to meet their file hosting costs. They encourage premium users, by having restrictions in place for free users. You can still use these services for free, but you have to put up with the restrictions - typically downloading slower, one file at a time and waiting between downloading parts.

Many users are happy to put up with the restrictions and simply grab the files they need using the free service. Many people will choose to pay a few dollars a month for these sites and grab what they want more easily and quickly.

Please remember our rules and do not moan about a particular upload site on this board. Our uploaders are choosing to share with you. If the site they pick is not good for you, simply look for an alternative that works better for you! Failing to do this will result in infractions and bans, so please remember, whats good for you, is not necessarily good for everyone else.

Why do people 'downgrade' firmwares?

Many people on this site are interested in running game iso's and homebrew code on their PSP's.

Sony's official firmware will not allow this.

To use homebrew programs and play iso games, an official firmware needs to first be downgraded to V1.5.

Once a PSP is at Version 1.5, the best and easiest way to play and load games iso's, is to install an 'OE' firmware. 'OE' stands for 'open edition' and indicates that it is a 'hacked' firmware.

To play the very latest games, you need to have the very latest version of an 'OE' firmware.

For more in-depth information on this, and step by step guides to downgrading and installing firmwares, go to the tutorial section.

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