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I've just started, what should I do?

First of all - Welcome to PSPISO! We're sure you'll have a good time and want to come back!

You're in the right place already - have a good look through these FAQs and you should get a good idea of what we are about and how we are organized.

Please read the RULES of the site - this is very important as we do enforce the rules on here!

Post a message saying 'hi' in the 'Welcome to PSPISO' section. You'll get your first post, and you'll see how easy it is to post a message here and start making new friends.

Have a good look at the tutorial section. Many of you who are new to this site will need to look here for guides that will help you do things like downgrade your psp's or install firmwares.

If you need help with something thats not covered here or in the tutorial section - go to the 'HELP' section, where you can post and ask for help with your specific problem.

Is PSPISO legal?


We are a discussion forum where people discuss ideas and share information - nothing more. There are no files, cracks or any illegal files stored on our system and there never will be.

If a person links to piece of software or code - that is public information and the file is hosted and distributed elsewhere completely independently of this site!

Can I download files from PSPISO?

We do not keep any files on PSPISO's Servers - that would be illegal.

However, users often host files on another server and share 'links' to these files in our forums. Look for any board with the word 'downloads' in it, and you will find users sharing links to software.

What is PSPISO?

We are an on line forum and community that have an interest in all things psp.

Here our members can help each other, talk about and share the games and applications they enjoy, and make new friends!

What is reputation? Should I care about it?

Reputation is the basic system of seeing who is a good member and who isn't.

This has replaced our old function of Karma, and is used in much the same way :)!

It is helpful to point out members that have contributed to the community in the proper ways, and point out those that have just plain caused trouble. You'll see a set of scales by every users name in threads and posts, you'll use these to give out negative or positive reputation.

This new system is completely traceable this way reputation abuse will be sure to land someone a ban, so lets overview on what you can and cannot do with this system.

You can give people a positive rep for helping you with something.

You can give people a positive rep for a upload you like.

You can give people a positive rep if you like someones post.

You can give people a positive rep if you agree with them.

You can give someone a negative rep if they're doing something inappropriate.

You can give someone a negative rep for being rude or vulgar.

You can't give someone a negative rep because you don't like them.

You can't give someone a negative rep 'just because'.

You can't give someone a negative rep without reason.

You can't attack someones reputation for payback.

Anyone caught abusing reputation will receive an infraction. For multiple offenses the user doing the reputation abuse will be permanently and (will get a) non-negotiable ban. So please use the system wisely and help our good members to build up a good rep!

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