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What are the various staff ranks?

--------------------Uploading Based Levels-----------------

Uploaders are people that have donated their time and bandwidth to upload stuff to this website for other people to use.

1.)Uploader Level 1 - 3 Green Star - Valued Uploader. This rank is given when a member has shown a real commitment to uploading for our users, and supporting their uploads.

2.)Uploader Level 2 - 4 Green Stars - Senior Uploader. Someone who has continually uploaded and supported the users on this site for some time, and has a large number of uploads.

3.)Uploader Level 3 - 5 Green Stars - God Uploader! Seriously, these guys walk on water! This is a very rare ranking level, and is only given to those that have long sustained level of continued uploading and sharing hundreds of files.

---------------------Moderator Positions------------------

Moderators are the people who help the site to run smoothly. They keep order, tidy up, and maintain peace on the site. They are volunteers who give of their time freely to help make this site a better place, and as such, deserve your support and respect.

They are able to delete posts, sticky threads, move threads, merge threads, and many other nifty little things that allow the site to run more smoothly - the higher moderator ranks also have the power to issue warnings, or even ban if they have to.

1.)NUB Moderator - 3 green stars - New moderator - a moderator in training!

2.)Regional Moderator - 5 green stars - Full moderator

3.)Global Moderator - 3 blue stars -* high level, senior moderator.

4.)Universal Moderator - 5 blue stars - highest level moderator.


There are only a few of us, and together we plan and run every aspect of the site.

1.) Admin~ - 3 red stars - The rank is a very high powered and trusted rank, with most of the powers available on the site.

2.) Administrator - 5 red stars - Administrators have full control over every aspect of the board.

Please support and respect the staff on this site, who work hard to make PSPISO a good place to be!

How can I be staff?

Every now and again, we recruit new users to be staff on the site. Whenever there will be a new recruitment phase, it is announced in the announcements board, and people are urged to PM an administrator expressing their interest. Check the 'announcements section' to see when we are recruiting. Who gets the positions, is usually determined by the administrators, but we do our best to make the correct choices for the good of the community and the diverse range of staff we currently have, will show you we are open minded and fair in our choices. Some of the qualities we are looking for:- Regular site visitor for some time. Staff are most valuable if they are online here quite a lot! A history of making helpful posts and supporting other users. Someone who has made 20 posts in the help section to help other users, has more chance than someone who has posted 200 messages in 'General Chat'. But we look carefully at all posts and contributions from prospective staff. People who have been able to demonstrate a level headed, even handed and practical approach to all matters, are exactly the kind of people we are looking for. Some things we are not looking for:- People who have broken the rules. You can't enforce them if you don't respect and obey them! Status seekers. Being staff on PSPISO is hard work, its not about status and rank, its about responsibilities. We don't want people who are simply looking for status. People who use sig bars saying 'so and so for mod'. Particularly when they they spam members asking for it to be added to sigs. Choosing staff is not a popularity contest, and using such sig bars has a negative effect, not a positive one. Don't do it folks, it will harm your chances! We are fortunate at PSPISO to have so many great members, and lots more people wanting a position than we have room for. If you do apply and don't get picked, please don't be disheartened, we are simply in a position of having many great candidates. Edit/Delete Message

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