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Thread: Offical Forum Rules - Please read!

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    Default Offical Forum Rules - Please read!


    - Say thanks or give a +rep if a post has been helpful to you, or you have downloaded from a link provided by a member. It is good manners on this site.
    - Please post in the correct forums.
    - Racist talk or ideas are not allowed.
    - Please don't use all CAPS in your post, it looks offensive and is the net's equivalent of SHOUTING!
    - Please help out others, especially new members.
    - If you have a problem with another member of this community, use the Private Message (PM) button to tell a staff member (Administrators & Moderators) about the situation and we will try to solve it.
    - No advertising allowed! This also includes hosting and all product offers.


    - Do NOT post links to scamming sites, racist content, pornography, phishing, money-earning sites (i.e. Linkbucks), surveys, suspicious online stores and filehosts (i.e. FileHaste), and other warez sites. Just use your common sense when posting.
    - Do NOT advertise your site/blog. Do NOT post petitions or "follow me on..." links.
    - Passwords cannot be URLs to other sites. Uploading a text file with such a password is not acceptable.
    - Do NOT steal links. The original uploaders will not be happy, and would quit uploading anytime.
    - Do NOT post links from PSVITAISO on other sites.
    - Do NOT start a discussion in the Downloads sections until you have links ready.
    - Do NOT double post. However, you can "reserve" posts for links until you've finished uploading.
    - Do NOT make single threads if you're planning to upload multiple things.
    - Test the link before you post it!
    - Do NOT flood the boards. Avoid bumping and necroposting at all costs.
    - Do NOT post links to any torrents.
    - This site is an English language site, do NOT post here in other languages, unless you can provide a translation.
    - Do NOT post topics offering reputation for trivialities.
    - Swearing directly at a member is NOT allowed.
    - All links must be coded to prevent link stealing.
    - Any use of link shortners/Protectors is ok on these grounds, they do not have porn and you can only use one per link, we prefer Adfly


    - Use the Search function before making a post to ensure there are no duplicate posts.
    - Requests should be made in the appropriate sections.
    - Do not ask for Credit Card numbers, IP addresses, usernames, passwords, fake IDs etc.!
    - Do NOT request Adult/Hentai and other offensive content. This is a child-friendly website!
    - Say thanks or give a +rep to those who helped you.

    Reporting Posts or Threads:

    -Please use the Report Button wisely. Do not report a dead link on a Mega thread (a thread that has several games) instead ask the
    uploader to re-up, if more than 50% of the games are offline, then please report. Also please report any rule violation you see, it helps all
    staff to maintian this site and keep it in great order for all of us, staff and members


    - Forum members are asked to register only one user account. Registering multiple accounts in order to spam the boards is not allowed, and doing this will lead to the suspension/termination of all your accounts.
    - User names cannot be changed unless there is an exceptionally good and pressing reason (like you used your real name or email as your user ID). This can only be requested to an Admin or Administrator.


    Forums users are asked to keep their signatures to a reasonable size. The rules are:

    - 4 lines normal size text - Font sizes above size 14 are not allowed. Please note that blank lines count.
    - Only one image per signature please, 2 are okay, but only if they are smaller and side by side, NOT on top of each other.
    - Images can be up to 300x250 pixels.
    - Advertising and harmful content are not allowed.
    - Up to 4 thin userbars.
    - Crude and offensive content are not allowed. No pornographic or sexually suggestive language or images is allowed anywhere on the forum.
    - No links to other sites in the signature, no exceptions, even if they are hidden with the image.


    - These can be earned by breaking any of the above rules.
    - There are three warning levels depending on the severity of the action.
    - Warnings are issued for a fixed period of time, and then they can be removed.
    - Further bad behavior during a warning period risks a ban.


    - Arguing with a Staff member. They have the warning and ban button's, you don't.
    - Swearing and cursing, there's no need for it so please don't.
    - Advertising other sites and forums.
    - Begging to become a staff member (just wait for regular staff recruitment from time to time)
    - Link stealing (automatic ban)
    - PM Spamming (automatic ban)
    - Flame wars (both people involved will receive a warning)
    - Racist talk or ideas (automatic warning or ban)
    - Moaning about a particular file hosting site (warning, followed by ban)
    - Posting links to harmful files, such as brickers or viruses (immediate permanent ban)
    - Recruiting our members for another site, whether via our PM system or using IM contact details (immediate permanent ban)

    The team here wants you to enjoy your time on our site! Please keep the rules and guidelines above in mind, and we're sure you will come to love this place! - The PSPISO Team

    Note: The Official Forum Rules are developed over time by all PSPISO Staff. Only the Staff can make changes to these rules.

    Created by Titntin.


    Burnout_Legend, Coraje187 and Lorath - Minor corrections to spelling, reworking of couple of rules (2009~2016)
    Last edited by Serenity; 14th February 2017 at 10:27 AM. Reason: Added Link Protector Rule and Small Changes to update psp to psvita

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    Added Reporting Guidlines, please read

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    Added link Protector rule
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